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McCausland: Exhibition is a ‘TITANIC’ experience

Published: 03 March 2011

Culture and Arts Minister Nelson McCausland today announced details of a major new initiative at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum. 

TITANICa: The Exhibition will open at the end of May 2011 in the Transport Galleries marking the centenary of the launch of the Titanic while TITANICa: The People’s Story will go live at the Folk Museum at the same time.

Pictured left is Culture and Arts Minister Nelson McCausland with tourist guide John Savage, dressed as a Shipyard worker, at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum. Click image to enlarge. 

Speaking during his tour of the Transport Museum and new Titanic exhibition gallery, the Minister said: “I welcome the opportunity to join with National Museums in launching this TITANICa exhibition.

“The funding provided by the Stormont towards this exhibition, close to £1m, reflects the significance of this centenary and indeed Belfast’s wider maritime and industrial heritage for the people of Northern Ireland.

“The Exhibition will provide a welcome boost for the tourism offering in Northern Ireland at this challenging time and it will also provide real opportunities to display the rich variety of artefacts held by the Museum.”

Pictured right is Nelson McCausland and William Blair, Head of Human History at National Museums Northern Ireland, with an original ticket for the Titanic, one of the artefacts from TITANICa: The Exhibition. Click image to enlarge.

The exhibition will draw on National Museums Northern Ireland’s collections and will feature more than 500 original artefacts and will explore Titanic and her world.  The exhibition will reveal why Titanic and her sister ships Olympic and Britannic were built in Belfast and how local enterprise and skills combined to produce vessels of exceptional quality and design.  Visitors can discover life on board through fascintating objects and personal stories that explore the tragic loss of Titanic in 1912.

An innovative trail will link the world-class TITANICa exhibition in the Transport Museum to TITANICa: The People’s Story in the outdoor Folk Museum.  Visitors will be able to explore a living history experience of Titanic and its times by experiencing people’s daily routines, activities and stories in the period before, during and after Titanic’s maiden voyage.

Pictured left is Tim Cooke, Director of National Museums Northern Ireland, Culture and Arts Minister Nelson McCausland and Robbie Hannon, Head of Folklife and Agriculture, National Museums Northern Ireland, at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum where the exhibition will open in late May. Click image to enlarge.

Tim Cooke, said:  “The Ulster Folk & Transport Museum holds a unique and extensive collection of artefacts relating to the Titanic itself and, importantly, its wider context within the White Star Line fleet. 

“Visitors will be able to enjoy TITANICa: The Exhibition in the context of superb galleries featuring road, rail and air transport.  The exhibition will provide an important and complementary visitor attraction supporting all the efforts being made to boost tourism and public engagement over the next couple of years. 

“We are also fortunate in Northern Ireland to have a world-class Folk Museum which provides a fabulous setting for telling the story of the people who lived in the time of Titanic.  TITANICa: The People’s Story will be unique in the world and will offer visitors the opportunity to experience how families and workers actually lived 100 years ago.”

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