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South Belfast Group get 'Rite' into International History

Published: 04 October 2010

This week, a women’s group from South Belfast saw six months of work come to fruition at the Ulster Museum. Earlier this year, the Living History Group at Windsor Women’s Centre embarked upon a project inspired by the museum’s ‘Rites of Passage’ exhibition.

Satya Roberts of the Windsor Women’s Centre shows one of the scrapbooks that the Living History Group createdThe group, which included women from a number of countries including Northern Ireland, Argentina, China, India, the Czech Republic and Somalia, created three scrapbooks; one for birth, one for marriage and one for death. The women worked with professional scrapbooking tutor Jacqui Milliken, who helped them to present their stories and ideas in an eye-catching way.

Hannah Crowdy, Interpretation Manager at the Ulster Museum, said, “The purpose of this project was to recognise that the rites of passage experiences of the women in the group are just as important as those associated with the fascinating objects on display in the exhibition.

The exhibition prompted many discussions on culture, food and traditions and was a wonderful backdrop in which to explore and tell contemporary stories of different cultures and ways of life.”

Pictured above is Satya Roberts of the Windsor Women’s Centre shows one of the scrapbooks that the Living History Group created, click image to enlarge.

Satya Roberts of the women’s group said, “This was a very enjoyable and informative experience for all of us. The international theme of the project was perfect for the group and we are all very proud of the end result. It’s exciting that our books will become part of the Ulster Museum’s collection and we will share our lives with generations to come.”

The Living History Group from Windsor Women’s Centre The three books are currently on display alongside the museum’s objects in the exhibition and will remain there until the end of the exhibition when they will then become part of the museum’s collections, to act as a record of the women’s project and their lives in 2010.

The ‘Rites of Passage’ exhibition, part of the museum’s history galleries, explores global customs relating to birth, marriage and death and showcases a range of objects from the museum’s World Cultures collection including a Japanese wedding kimono and Indian horoscope.

Pictured above is the Living History Group from Windsor Women’s Centre, with the group is National Museum’s Interpretation Manager Hannah Crowdy (back row, 2nd from right. Click image to enlarge.

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