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Recorder 6

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Recorder 6

Recorder 6  is a package to help environmental recorders manage and exchange their biological observations or species records. Individuals and organisations can then generate reports and/or exchange records with other users, local record centres, national schemes and societies or the NBN Gateway. Recorder 6  takes account of a number of key NBN standards and concepts which facilitates reliable, safe data sharing.

It contains updated taxon, biotope and administrative areas dictionaries and it is designed to work in partnership with a variety of other packages from spread sheets for data entry, to GIS Packages for spatial analysis. Each copy of Recorder has its own copy identifier, commonly referred to as its Site ID, which becomes part of the internal key for all data entered.

Please contact Pauline Campbell, CEDaR Database Officer for more details (telephone 028 9039 5255) 

Recorder 6 Advantages


  • Fast, accurate importing
  • Continuing development
  • Mapping facilities
  • Help pages and Recorder 6 Forum
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Make tailored ‘recording cards’
  • Easy to export data to other systems (including CEDaR)
  • SQL server will allow limitless numbers of records
  • Prevents duplication by using site ID
  • Built-in validation rules
  • Extensive species dictionary