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Foggy Hogtown Boys

Foggy Hogtown BoysThe Foggy Hogtown Boys play Bluegrass with solid traditional roots.
From Toronto and Ontario, the Canadian five-piece has been winning
over an ever-widening audience in their homeland and beyond.

The Foggies, as their fans at home call them, have released four critically acclaimed CDs – Live at the Dominion in 2004 and Northern White Clouds in 2005, Pigtown Fling in 2007 and The Golden West in 2008. With tours from coast to coast, the Foggy Hogtown Boys have established hemselves as the most exciting and authentic Canadian exponents of Bluegrass music.

They are Andrew Collins on mandolin, Chris Coole on guitar, Max Heineman
on bass, Chris Quinn on banjo and John Showman on fiddle. Collins, Coole
and McNaughton also provide the vocals.

From the band’s inception in Toronto’s thriving Bluegrass scene, it was
apparent that this particular group had a special chemistry that translated into
some very powerful and entertaining music. Their first release showed off
the energy of their live show, and demonstrated conclusively that the
boys in the band have what it takes to play the traditional Bluegrass
repertoire and play it well.

This is not just five hot pickers in the same place, playing the same tune at the same time. The Foggy Hogtown Boys are a band with a unique sound that is the sum of its members’ personalities and musicianship… and then some more!

Although instrumentally the band has the power to dazzle any audience,
the song is always given priority. This commitment is evident in the care
taken to arrange each song in a way that allows the story and feeling of the
lyrics to surface and not be overshadowed by pyrotechnics. As Tim
O’Brien remarked, “You can count on these guys to play it solid, and to drive
it hard”.

Although, the group draws a great deal of inspiration and material from
the ‘golden age’ of Bluegrass and Country music, solid original songs
written by members in the band and modern Canadian classics from the like
of Gordon Lightfoot, blend well among the old chestnuts. Their latest album,
The Golden West, is a mix of original and traditional Bluegrass music with
elements of Old-Time music and Honky-tonk thrown in. But seeing
is believing and the live show is the thing with the Foggy Hogtown Boys.
The band always delivers a highly entertaining and diverse show with
ballads, breakdowns, Gospel quartets and lots of laughs!