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Jeff & Vida

Jeff and Vida are from New Orleans and perform original material
spanning from Appalachian Bluegrass to Alternative Country.

Jeff and VidaTheir live performances showcase Vida’s powerful voice and Jeff’s
superb picking on mandolin, guitar and banjo. With ballads that sound
like they could have been written 50 years ago and raucous barn-storming
numbers that keep your feet tapping, their live shows are exciting and
unique, full of humour, good music and unforgettable songs.

True to the American song-writing tradition, Jeff and Vida keep their
music simple and sincere. Their material draws from everything –
except modern day hits. Vida Wakeman’s voice is easily the most
recognisable aspect of the band. Although she has been compared to
many different artists ranging from Loretta Lynn to Lucinda Williams, her
unique singing style is all her own.

Powerful and gutsy, her voice is infused with the sounds of Old Time Country and Blues and immediately grabs the listener. Jeff Burke is Vida’s song-writing
partner and also handles the instrumental duties in the band. The New Jersey native switches between guitar, mandolin and banjo, adding a dimension to their records and performances that most other acts can only get by adding more musicians.

So what does it sound like when a girl who grew up in Germany and a kid
from New Jersey get together in New Orleans to play music that draws its
influences from the High Lonesome sounds of Appalachia, the raw blues
of the Deep South, and just about everything in between? You’ll just
have to hear for yourself when Jeff and Vida show up at the Ulster
American Folk Park.