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Hughes House

Hughes house, Ulster American Folk Park collectionJohn Joseph Hughes, the first Catholic Archbishop of New York, was born in 1797 on a small farm near the village of Augher in County Tyrone. Several years later his family moved to a nearby farm in the townland of Dernaved, County Monaghan. It was from this farmhouse, now rebuilt in the Ulster American Folk Park, that 20 year old John Joseph left for America in 1817.

As with many other small farmers at this time, the Hughes family were also weavers. A large proportion of the farm was given over to the cultivation of flax, and the long winter evenings were devoted to the domestic manufacture of linen cloth.

The Hughes house is typical of houses in south Ulster at that time. Its principal feature, the jamb wall, is a single brick wall between the front door and the hearth area of the kitchen, built to prevent draughts and give the occupants a some privacy.