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Classroom Materials

Junior guide. This full colour A5 booklet contains basic information on the exhibit buildings in the Ulster American Folk Park.  Written in a simple style, it is particularly suitable for upper primary and above. [24 pages]

TOM: a Journey between two Worlds.  Colourful illustrated booklet telling the emigration story of five year old Thomas Mellon to America. Suitable for lower primary children. Best printed at A5.  24 pages

Welcome to the Campbell House.  A tour of the Campbell House at the Ulster American Folk Park with Robert  Campbell aged 18, just before his departure for the United States in 1822.  Builds up a detailed perspective on his family circumstances and on the local area, helping to explain his decision to emigrate to the United States.  24 page booklet, best printed at A5. Suitable for Upper Primary and above.

Andrew's Story.  An investigative study of the emigration of Andrew Mellon from Camphill Omagh to United States in 1818.  Includes decision making, research tasks, analysis, reflections, comparisons, and an examination of the concepts of adaptation, integration, and the legacies of emigration.  Designed for 10-11 year old pupils.  24 page

Oceans and Emigrants: Ulster 1700-1900.   Deals mainly with long distance emigration from Ulster in the period 1700 to 1900.  It offers opportunities to promote an understanding of different perpectives, to examine cause and effect and the nature of continuity and change. Learning capabilities addressed include the development of enquiry and research techniques, supporting analytical, critical and creative skills, challenging stereotypes, encouraging teamwork and self management, enhancing approaches to information management and improving communication competencies.   36 pages.
Four Shipping Journals accompany Oceans and Emigrants. 75 pages

Download Units:

The Great Famine in Ireland 1845-1851.  A 48 page book by Dr Henry A. Jefferies, Head of History at Thornhill College and available from the Ulster American Folk Park. Written for lower secondary pupils, it deals with pre-Famine Ireland, the course of the Famine, emigration and the aftermath.
Contact the Learning department if you wish to order a copy.

The American Frontier 1700-1840
A 72-page book written for post primary pupils dealing with Native Americans, frontier life and conflict on the frontier. Also available are notes for teachers, Folk Park activity sheets (2 sets for different ability levels) and supplementary source booklets.
Contact the Learning department if you wish to order a copy.

Migration History – a Template for Teachers.  The Template provides a comprehensive theoretical structure to enable teachers to develop their own migration materials for their pupils

Moving On Citizenship Materials
   Moving On is a specially designed classroom pack for teachers written around the needs of the Northern Ireland citizenship curriculum.  It deals  with pupils' personal experiences of migration, family migration and historical migration, finishing with an action project on current immigration issues.  Moving On comprises clear, photocopiable, A4 resource sheets and a CD with further material. Ideal for Year 8 when pupils have ‘moved on’ to post-primary school, it explores Diversity and Inclusion within the Citizenship curriculum

Downloadable Units:

The Story of the Ulster American Folk Park  These two booklets explain the background to the establishment of the Ulster American Folk Park in July 1976 and how it has developed over the years.
Part One is a reprint of an earlier publication " How it all began" written by one of its founders, Eric Montgomery.
Part Two provides a photographic update on the Park's physical development since 1976 and a summary listing of exhibitions, events and learning activites undertaken over the years.
Please note that these units may be slow to download as they are image rich.

Downloadable Units: