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‘In Service’: Life after Belfast

‘In Service’: Life after Belfast

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Laurentic in Belfast Lough, April 1909, Harland and Wolff Collection
© National Museums Northern Ireland

<p><em>Laurentic</em> in Belfast Lough, April 1909, <em>Harland and Wolff Collection</em> <br />
© National Museums Northern Ireland</p> Larger Image

The relationship between Harland & Wolff and White Star Line began in 1869 and lasted until 1932.

During that time Harland & Wolff built over 70 ships for White Star Line and while Titanic is the most famous of these, many others have eventful histories.

Here are some of the stories of life on board these ships after they left Belfast.

Contact the author:  Dr. Karen Logan, Project Curator - Human History Department