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Ballinderry House

One of the single storied houses in this small terrace from the village of Ballinderry, County Antrim, was, for a time, used as a blacksmith's forge.  The urban blacksmith was not very different from his rural counterpart. Work with horses still accounted for a major part of his business.

Click to enlarge: Ballinderry House, originally located Ballinderry, County AntrimAs the rail network developed during the 19th century, the number of horses in use increased rather than declined.  This was because the increased business generated by the railways needed horses to move goods to and from the stations. Traders also needed horses to deliver goods from their premises.

As well as working with horses, the blacksmith would have made all manner of agricultural and domestic wrought iron items for local use. 

The house side of the Ballinderry Forge is furnished to represent a bachelor blacksmith’s house of the early 1900s.

Original location: Ballinderry, County Antrim