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Souvenir Photography

church-road-studio.jpgChurch Road Studio

Our Church Road Studio, located in Ballycultra Village is an operational studio within an exhibit building which offers exclusive mementoes of your visit. The studio is decorated in the manner of an elegant Edwardian residence. All our photographs are printed on site and are available on the day, most often before you leave the studio.

Costume Studio

Here we offer a Family Portrait session in a manner and at a pace reminiscent of the early 20th century. Dress in period costume, pose and leave with new insight to the formality of the traditional family portrait.

BackDrop Studio

Stand in front of our green screen and appear in one of our popular exhibits, taking part in traditional village life.

It is advisable to contact the photographer to check his availability in advance or to book an appointment.

For more information

Tel: 07717 007 372

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