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Folk Galleries

Time/Date - 10:00 - 17:00, Fri 1 Jan 2010 - Mon 1 Dec 2025

We apologise that these galleries will be closed for essential maintenance until Tuesday 18 July.

Folk Galleries at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

Please note: We apologise that these galleries will from closed for essential maintenance from Tuesday 27th June.

They will re-open on Tuesday 18 July.

Telling more of the stories of the people who once lived in them, and showcasing some of the most intriguing objects in our collections. The two permanent galleries explore the themes of 'Food and Farming' and 'Meet the Victorians'.

Food and Farming

This gallery takes you through the seasonal round of agricultural work undertaken on Ulster farms. You will see a wide range of hand tools and farm machinery, alongside information on how the farmers of the past worked the land.

You will also find out why certain crops were so important and what life in the countryside was really like. Charming replica models, pictures, photographs and film footage all bring this gallery to life.

Folk Galleries at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

Meet the Victorians

This gallery looks at life during the long and eventful reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 -1901. It was an exciting time of rapid change and progress. Some inventions were such a success that you will still recognise them today, whilst some are more strange and curious. People’s daily lives are explored through themes such as toys, dress and hairstyles, team sports, and the development of radios and cameras. There are a number of hands-on activities in the gallery, which is particularly suitable for children.

Folk Galleries at the Ulster Folk and Transport MuseumA third gallery is used for the display of temporary exhibitions. Please see our what’s on pages for further event and exhibition information.

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