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The marine life of the Falkland Islands

The marine life of the Falkland Islands

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Black-browed albatross and chick
© Dr. Claire Goodwin

<p>Black-browed albatross and chick<br />
© Dr. Claire Goodwin</p> Larger Image

The marine life of the remote Falkland Islands is still poorly known, as the majority of previous research has focused on offshore fisheries.

Since 2006 the Falkland Islands based Shallow Marine Surveys Group (SMSG) has been conducting scuba diving surveys to document the habitats and species of the shallow marine zone and provide information for its management.

However, since the fauna and flora is so poorly known, one of the first tasks is to try and identify which species are present. Ulster Museum marine biologist Dr Claire Goodwin has been working in partnership with SMSG to describe the island’s sponge fauna.

Dr. Claire Goodwin, Marine Biologist, Department of Natural Sciences