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Civil rights handbill

Where can you see this object?

In the Contemporary Collecting case in the Troubles gallery.

Which collection is this object part of?

History collection

Why is this object important?
BELUM-W2013-28-5_800-(2).jpgProduced in 1969 by the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association in America, these handbills were distributed at Carnegie Hall in New York in advance of a St Patrick’s Day demonstration. 

The main content of the handbill refers to a civil rights march held in Derry/Londonderry on 5 October 1968. The protest ended in a confrontation between police and demonstrators. Violent scenes from that day were broadcast internationally and influenced public opinion at home and abroad. 

What should you look out for when you go to see this object?

The handbill also advertises a Labor luncheon to be held for Gerry Fitt at the Hotel Commodore. Fitt was one of a number of MPs injured during the confrontation on 5 October 1968.