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Key Stage 4


Tours for AS and A2

With such a variety of work on display there are many themes for visits, we suggest the following:

  • Eye-opener (a wide-ranging tour looking at different styles, media and types of work, raising issues and testing analytical skills)
  • Portraits and People (looking at how portraits are constructed with examples in different styles and media)
  • Irish Art (a survey of key works by Irish artists in the collection).

We also welcome challenges and can customise tours according to your needs, so please get in touch, discuss your requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you. email

Additional information:

  • Session Length: 1 hour
  • Cost: £60

Workshops for  AS and A2

The above tours can be extended with a workshop designed to meet the group’s interests. For example Portraits and People can be followed by a portrait workshop. Please contact us to discuss possibilities. email

Additional information:

  • Session Length: 2 hours
  • Cost: £60
Art in Discover Nature

For centuries nature has inspired artists, designers and photographers.
Discover Nature presents a kaleidoscope of patterns, colours and forms. From the opalescent wings of butterflies to the complicated patterns on seashells, from the fine intricacies of birds’ feathers to the geometrical shapes of crystals, all are available for students to draw or photograph.

Teachers can book Discover Nature for the exclusive use of your art class.

Additional information:

  • Session length: 45mins       
  • Cost: £60

Alternatively, students may come outside school hours, at weekends or on school holidays. It is essential to phone ahead if you require butterflies which are not under glass for photography. Telephone Rosemary Stewart 028 9044 0100.