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Teachers and Group Leaders are responsible for the behaviour and general health and safety of their pupils and group within the Museum.

Teachers, leaders, and accompanying adults should remain with their groups at all times for their health and safety, and to accompany them in case of evacuation.

We require the following minimum adult to pupil/student ratio:

  • Preschool-Nursery 1:6 (or as advised by your ELB)
  • Foundation (P1-2) 1:10
  • KS1 & 2 (P3-7) 1:15

This ratio conforms to the standards published by BELB.

  • Pupils/students with a disability and/or behavioural needs – 1:1

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to advise us on the ratio requirements for your group and you must ensure that this is adequate for the pupils’ needs/behaviour.

Small groups will need a minimum of 2 adults to cover supervision in the event of accidents or sickness.

We have a Vulnerable Adults and Child Protection Policy.

The Designated Officer for Child Protection is Les McLean.