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Lines of thought: Drawing from Michelangelo to now

Time/Date - 10:00 - 17:00, Fri 10 Mar 2017 - Sun 7 May 2017

Exploring drawing as one of the most effective mediums for expressing and representing an artist’s ideas.
Andrea del Sarto, Studies of children, c. 1520, red chalk, 25.8 x 37.7 cm © The Trustees of the British Museu

Andrea del Sarto, Studies of children, c. 1520, red chalk, 25.8 x 37.7 cm © The Trustees of the British Museum

Placing contemporary artists side by side with master draftsmen across five centuries, Lines of thought explores the history of drawing as a thinking medium, giving us  insight into the minds of some of the world’s greatest artists in operation.

Bringing together seventy drawings selected from the British Museum’s unparalleled graphic collection, Lines of thought emphasises the continuing vitality and fundamental nature of drawing, and its importance for artists from Michelangelo to Mondrian, Rembrandt to Rachel Whiteread, Piranesi to Picasso. What unites all of these artists, from the Renaissance through to contemporary practitioners and all those in-between, is the use of drawing as a way of thinking on paper.

There are five sections to explore: 
  • The Likeness of a Thought
  • Brainstorming
  • Enquiry and Experiment
  • Insight and Association
  • Development and Decisions

The British Museum’s Prints and Drawings collection.

One of the world’s greatest graphic collections. It has around 50,000 drawings and over two million prints. These date from the early fifteenth century to today.

Pick up a pencil...

Be inspired by the best artists of all time, and then we want you to get drawing. Visit our special drawing station where you can pick up a pencil, some paper and make your mark.

You’re welcome to copy the master drawings you see. Or you could venture out into the wider museum to look at fossils, animals, jewellery, furniture… whatever takes your fancy!

Keep an eye out for our student volunteers too, who will occasionally be on hand to show you how it’s done and help you with your own drawings.

The Ulster Museum brings you this exhibition in partnership with the British Museum. Generously supported by the Bridget Riley Art Foundation.


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