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Bringing the Periodic Table to life

Time/Date - 19:00 - 21:00, Tue 18 Nov 2014

The challenges of building real element displays around the world.
Max WhitbyBAFTA Awards winner Max Whitby, from, has worked with Theodore Gray, author of The Elements, to create physical displays of the periodic table incorporating real elements. 

Among more than 50 such displays around the world, their installation at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia includes a video wall demonstrating, in spectacular fashion, the properties of each element.

Max is also co-founder of the app publishing company Touch Press, with The Elements app having been downloaded more than a million times.

Dr Max Whitby
Director RGB Research Ltd.

image: The hazards faced by element collectors

Booking information

  • The lectures will take place on consecutive Tuesday evenings, from 7:30 to 9:00pm in the Lecture Theatre on the ground floor.
  • This is a free event - to secure your place use the Buy Tickets button above. For further information please ring 028 9044 0000. Opening hours are Tue-Sun 10am-5pm.
  • The cafe will be open from 6.30pm and serving hot food, drinks and snacks.

Taming the Elements lecture series

There are seven lectures in the Taming the Elements series at the Ulster Museum.
Bringing together science and art to raise awareness of the chemical elements contained within the everyday objects we own, such as mobile phones.

Discover how common elements formed in stars, supernova and the Big Bang help to answer some of the big questions in modern astronomy.

The high explosives and synthetic propellants of WW1 can trace their origins back to the synthetic dyestuffs industry of the 19th Century.

How the distribution of 55 elements in soils and streams across the Province has implications for mineral resources and the environment.

The challenges of building real element displays around the world.

How major changes in chemical techniques and elemental discovery influenced the subsequent development of pigments and their use in artworks.

What led to the exceptional success of Nobel Prize winner Dorothy Hodgkin, discoverer of the crystal structure of penicillin and insulin?

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